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Contest Rules and Regulations

ImageThe following are basic contest rules for any and all contests run by JAZZ.FM91. Each contest may have its own special qualifications and eligibility rules in which case a separate addition to these rules will be made available.

  1. All employees and agents of JAZZ.FM91, and their families, their advertising agencies or representatives are ineligible to enter contests from JAZZ.FM91.
  2. To enter contest entrants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older unless specific age is required by type of contest, participating agency or advertiser, by law or unless otherwise stated in contest details.
  3. All entrants to any JAZZ.FM91 contest are eligible to enter only once per person per household. Unless otherwise stated, multiple entries by the same person will be discarded and may be deemed cause for disqualification.
  4. All JAZZ.FM91 QUALIFIER PRIZE winners and members of the same household are ineligible to win with JAZZ.FM91 for 30 days following the date their prize was won. In the event a winner cannot or does not claim their prize for whatever reason, that winner will remain ineligible for the 30-day period.
  5. Winners of advertised GRAND PRIZES and members of their household are not eligible to win another prize from JAZZ.FM91 for a period of 90 days.
  6. Contest winners are required to show picture identification when claiming their prize and may be required to sign a release agreeing to all rules and regulations related to their prize. The release may include a skill-testing question.
  7. All prizes, unless otherwise stated, must be picked up in person, and signed for by the winner at the JAZZ.FM91 offices Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., within 30 days of winning or in the case of a trip or event, 21 days prior to the trip/event date. Holidays and weekends are included in this 30-day/21-day period. Designated winner’s representatives will be allowed to claim prizes, provided prior arrangements have been made. If prize(s) are not picked up within the stated 30-day/21 day period, the winner waives their rights to the prize, and the said prize becomes the possession of JAZZ.FM91 and may be awarded to another listener at the discretion of JAZZ.FM91. JAZZ.FM91 will not notify winners of time remaining on prizes to be picked up. It is solely the responsibility of the winner to claim their prize in the allotted time specified. No prize will be mailed unless specified during the contest. If the prize is to be mailed or otherwise expedited, JAZZ.FM91 assumes no responsibility for the delivery service or the prize after it leaves the JAZZ.FM91 offices or the premises from which it is set to be claimed.
  8. All prizes won are as-is, unless otherwise stipulated by the sponsor and can not be exchanged for cash or equal cash value. Prizes are non-transferable.
  9. All contest winners agree to allow JAZZ.FM91 to use their name, and/or likeness and/or voice for promotional purposes, without further compensation. All calls coming into, or originating from JAZZ.FM91 may be recorded and may be aired on JAZZ.FM91 without further approval.
  10. JAZZ.FM91 is not responsible for any computer equipment, software or communications equipment malfunctions that either inhibit or increase the chances of winning a contest. This relates to the absence of network communications or any transmission that is incomplete or incomprehensible or erased. In the event two or more phone lines are tied together during a phone-in contest, the entire call and all callers cited together will be disqualified and another caller will be taken. JAZZ.FM91 cannot award duplicate prizes to all parties in a “tied together” situation. In the case of computer equipment, software or communications equipment malfunctions, the decision of JAZZ.FM91 will be final.
  11. In the event that multiple identical submissions are received for a particular contest, the winner will chosen by random draw from all of the identical entries.
  12. JAZZ.FM91 reserves the right to revoke prizes if the winner does not meet any or all eligibility requirements, even though an announcement may have been made on-the-air indicating that the person was the winner.
  13. If federal, provincial or municipal taxes are required to be paid for a prize, it is the sole responsibility of the winner to pay said taxes unless the specific contest rules state otherwise.
  14. JAZZ.FM91 may, due to the unavailability of prizes awarded, substitute another prize of equal value for the prize originally won.
  15. JAZZ.FM91 will not be responsible, or held liable for prizes awarded to an event that is canceled due to circumstances beyond our control, or for products that may not work as described.
  16. With respect to any disputes regarding contests, the decision of JAZZ.FM91 management will be final.
  17. JAZZ.FM91, its agencies and representatives shall not be liable or responsible for any claim, injury or damage arising from any contest or prize awarded in a contest.
  18. All contest entries become the property of CJRT-FM INC., owner and operator of JAZZ.FM91, which may withhold any or all contest materials for any reason station management deems crucial to the completion of the contest, or for any reasons relating to membership, publicity and/or advertising.
  19. Unless otherwise stated, any contest conducted at a facility where paid admission is required, may be entered at JAZZ.FM91 studios prior to the event without any paid consideration to enter the event.
  20. For travel prizes awarded, winners and all traveling companions must possess a valid passport or other documents acceptable (example - VISA) to the relevant governmental authorities required for entry, departure and travel through each destination. Winners must provide a photocopied facsimile of the winner and travel companion’s passport and/or other necessary travel documents within 21 days prior to the trip in order to claim the prize. Failure to provide the necessary documentation by the required deadline will result in the winner waiving their rights to the prize, with the said prize becoming the possession of JAZZ.FM91 to be awarded to another listener at the discretion of JAZZ.FM91
  21. By entering a JAZZ.FM91 contest, each entrant agrees to and is deemed to have accepted all terms, conditions, rules and regulations as written herein.
  22. These rules are subject to change without notice





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